with Rain Anya


with Rain Anya


    I offer private instruction in aerial silks, rope, chains, circus trapeze, single point trapeze, act choreography, theatricality and instruction on coaching.  The lessons take place remotely, I teach from home aerial studio in LA, and students take the lesson in an approved aerial facility in their hometown.  Students can take the lesson from a laptop, desktop computer, or even a tablet, as long as the view to the aerial apparatus is clear and unobstructed. I teach with a large monitor so that I can get a clear view of what’s happening on the equipment.  I also demonstrate and provide video via filesharing (often in slo-mo) to help in describing teaching points throughout the lessons. I use a wireless Bluetooth headset so that my instructions come across loud and clear, even when I’m on the equipment demonstrating.

    Online lessons are an accessible resource for the greater aerial community, which offers a personalized and interactive experience as an alternative to other online resources such as dvd’s, video tutorials or manuals.  I custom tailor the lessons to fit each individual student’s own needs with attention to form & technique, new material, sequencing, choreography, instruction, and the creative process.

Private Aerial Lessons with Rain Anya

Photo By Marilyn Chen