with Rain Anya


Safety in Online Lessons

All participants in online private lessons must be briefed with the agreed upon Safety protocol an Emergency Plan.

•    Currently, I only accept semi-private lessons. This is so that the students can be there to spot each other in appropriate situations and to have a pair of eyes that are in the room, not just on the monitor. Students will be trained in emergency protocol, so that the other person in the room is there to respond in a direct manner if there were ever a safety issue to arise.

•     There is an approval process for the facility in which the student is taking the lesson.  The safety of the aerial rigging and equipment is the primary concern, as well the use of appropriate mats, presence of a first aid kit, and other safety issues.

•  All students will go through an eligibility screening to determine that they have enough experience, strength, and understanding to keep themselves safe in the air during the lessons.  These lessons are not intended for students who are new to aerial arts, or still in beginning stages of their aerial education. The process for determining the level of the student will be through discussion, videos, and references.  (Unless I have worked with the student previous and know their level first hand). The student should be at a level where they are safe for training on their own, without an instructor present.

•Tricks that are deemed unsafe for online lessons will not be taught, under the discretion of the instructor. Any tricks that require hands on spotting from a professional instructor or safety lines will be vetoed. The instructor has the right to deny lessons to any student who does not adhere to the safety requirements

Photo By Kate Russell